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54D 8 hr(s) ago
Turns out I made a blog website. :3
0NA0 8 hr(s) ago
Today, I found out that kairi is bad at league and always blames others because she cant take criticism. Thank you for listening to my tedtalk.
0NA0 8 hr(s) ago
Hi. Im uh new here. Please go easy on me. Also kairi is a bully, never trust her. thank you.
54D 11/28/2020
New status button! you can make a status from your top bar!
54D 11/28/2020
54D 11/26/2020
Officially removed the forums from the site.
54D 11/24/2020
Creating new minecraft snow hub
54D 11/07/2020
I think we all need a restart, with the world on fire now we can finally all be warm, But is that what we needed?

Anyways brought back the glass theme, now I just need to update all the icons :)
54D 11/05/2020


54D 10/26/2020
Created a new way to edit your profile.
At the top right there should be a new button.
This makes it easier to change your profile settings.
The top right cog button should take you to your profile editor.
Yerawan 10/26/2020
How can I change my profile Picture ? Can I change my background and if so where are the controls?
54D 10/24/2020
Check out The Test Run at
54D 10/24/2020

I made a dark mode for you.
CatcraftN 10/24/2020
league is gay
54D 10/23/2020
We updated our color system,
Make sure you change your color as some were deleted.
54D 10/23/2020
Nothing new :)
DiscoToast 10/20/2020
mmm downloading twitch again
54D 10/20/2020
Slowly updating every page..
Kairi 10/18/2020
Waiting to go home
54D 10/17/2020
Updating layout, because its more controlled.
54D 10/12/2020
Removed themes, it was not good for site branding.
54D 10/10/2020
Playing modded minecraft!
Kairi 10/09/2020
work was meeeh
54D 10/08/2020
Currently working on another task, putting the like buttons away for now.
54D 10/08/2020
Updated out of date session login page. New images boxes and animations. And now with more info.

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