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Patch Notes - 08/05/2020

Thanks for reading!

Added new icons, more simple and rememberable symbols.

Optimized system resources, and images.

New site layout, might add a left bar.

Still in the works of updating, if you have any questions or feedback please use the fourms.

Patch Notes - 07/23/2020

Hows it going?
Oh you cant awnswer that here?
But you can!

[+] Created a custom forum page, post all of your thoughts there!
You can use it for anything!

[+] Signatures, Signatures can be used anywhere you want!
Use your profile edit page to make one!

[-] Removed some of the old Icons.
[+] Created brand new juicy icons!

Patch Notes - 07/20/2020

[+] In this update we added a front page on the home page.
We will use the home page as a news board for the website.

[-] We removed the posts on the front page, could be moved to the profile pages.

[+] We changed the look of the website to keep it more modern.

[+] Started work on a new forums for ZeParadox.

There are 13 users.
There are 5 categories.
There are 8 topics.
There are 6 replies.