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Set your backgrounds! 11/02/2018

You can now change your profile background, your profile background will show on all pages. Looking at a user profile their background is shown! Have fun - YaItsZack

New login protocol! 10/31/2018

Created a new login protocol.
This login protocol allows the user to use
"Stay logged in" as a venerable.
While checked the user will stay logged in until pressing logout.

Profile images! 10/19/2018

Thats right just added profile images!
Go to your profile and add an image!

Have fun :)

Foundation Update! 10/17/2018

The website foundation of the styling has been updated so that the mobile version and desktop version are more like brothers now.

New minecraft map! 10/15/2018

We are currently making a new custom survival map for the new server so if the server is not up thats probly why.

Moving! 10/15/2018

We are moving so big things are coming! or Changing!

Minecraft Server! 10/12/2018

Come play survival with us
on minecraft!

Connect with: ZeParadox.com

Forum 10/11/2018

Hey get signed up to use the brand new forum and tell us all about your stories there! or add on to stories already there!